Make Patients’ Lives Better

EROP Co., Ltd. is a medical device manufacturing venture company established in 2018 based on a consortium of about 30 surgeons, and was established by the current surgeon Park Jun-seok with the following business philosophy and goals.

Management philosophy.01
Augment the security and effectiveness of surgical equipment mirroring the necessities of clinical staff
Management philosophy.02
Re-contribute a significant portion of the benefits in R&D to create employment and create cutting edge surgical devices
Management philosophy.03
Limit pointless misuse of clinical and social expenses by fostering an innovative distribution system
Management philosophy.04
Lay the foundation for K-Surgery by exporting Korean surgical culture to the world beyond localization of medical devices and pioneering overseas sales of surgical devices
CEO Greeting
EROP Co., Ltd. is a surgical medical device manufacturer established in 2018 with the mission of ‘Benefits for both doctors and patients’. The organization’s main goal is to build up a medical device development system so the ideas of local surgeons with the world’s best insight and innovation can be really utilized in clinical practice, consequently expanding the productivity of medical procedure and patient satisfaction. EROP Co., Ltd. will continue to challenge and put forth attempts to create a whole new wellbeing society based on the best quality.
CEO of EROP Co., Ltd.


“How about allowing doctors to design their own products?”

So we decided that surgeons should take part in the production process in order to perform more beneficial and successful surgeries.
We made patient’s lives more EROP with better quality medical devices.

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